HoF Concert #2


Mid-Res Recital at CalArts

They’ve misspelled my name, yet again! But then again, who wouldn’t want to be David Lang’s long-lost son.


For Ashley                                                                                     Andrew Norman

Sonata for Cello and Piano, Op. 4                                                 Zoltan Kodaly

  1. Adagio di Molto
  2. Allegro con spirito

多耶                                                                                                                      陳怡(Chen Yi)

[Fugue]Intermezzo[decompose]                                                [Wells Leng]Johannes Brahms


exorcising fifths from my melodica                                                         Richard An

FeasT foR thReE                                                                                    Wells Leng

Hoedown                                                                                      Aaron Copland

Arr. Wells Leng


Shinobue fingerings part 1

Something I notice in a lot of fue fingering is that it doesn’t really explain many things of why you are fingering certain things – here is a concise version of the basic of the basics. Notice the top left one; the existence of that note proves why you may have to modify these basic fingerings for some notes later on, and it explains some of the instability in fue harmonics that causes the instrument to sound the way it does. The bottom right one is a transition to more “advanced” notes and techniques.

fue-basic notes.png

Happy Holiday